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User manual[edit]

The latest version of the manual in French can be registered here:

last version of french manual

This manual was written by Eric Inglebert whom I thank warmly ;)

Tips and news[edit]

Silence and multiplication of steps in the recording of sequences[edit]

During the recording of a sequence, if you push one or more times on one of The Riverkey's encoders, the effect is as follows:

  • If a key is pressed, then the step is doubled, or tripled, or quadrupled, etc. To multiply the steps, the divisor of the tempo of the sequence (the layer) is decreased if necessary.
  • If all keys are released, then silence is inserted into the sequence each time you press.

Shift, Shift and Shift[edit]

There are three "Shift" in The River.

  • The Shift key in the control panel, to the right of the central screen, will be called Panel Shift
  • The Shift key above the Wheels, it will be called Riverkey Shift
  • The Pedal 2: It's exactly the same as the Riverkey Shift, except that you can put your foot on it ...

The first is not equivalent to the second. That is, by pressing the Panel Shift + a note from the keyboard, it does not execute the corresponding Riverkey's command.

The second is equivalent to the first. That is, by pressing the Riverkey Shift and simultaneously turning the LFO speed knob, you will fine-tune the LFO delay. By the way, when you press the Riverkey Shift, the Panel Shift lights up to indicate equivalency.

Run The River with a Software Sequencer[edit]

The Riverkey's default TheRiver profile does not support MIDI entry. It's a little silly and it will change on the next copies. So if you connect your computer to The River, your favorite software will not be able to send data to The River. Choose the profile 4 Chanels, it will work much betterĀ ;)

I created a minimalist profile DAW.rivkey that takes all the sources (midi in and USB) and sends them to The River preserving the "source" midi channels. So on The River, if you load this profile and on the panel, you select the midi mode, any note sent by your station on channel 1 to 8 will arrive on the corresponding channel of The River, provided of course to have assigned at least one voice to this channel.

Your software can communicate with The River via the midi in socket or via the MIDI socket USB Key which should be called KEY@THERIVER in your software .

Reset The Riverkey[edit]

The Riverkey's screen remains "off" after a power up, the behavior of The Riverkey is unstable since loading multis? To restore The Riverkey to its original state

  • Turn off The River and wait a few seconds
  • Turn it back on by holding down the Riverkey Shift button (the one above the knobs)
  • After displaying the screen, release the Shift key
  • Select the factory profil of your choice with Shift + Profil+